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Hall was previously arrested May 3 by Clearcreek Twp.

police on a sexual battery charge, but was free on bond, pending his indictment.

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“We’ve been told that there is more than enough evidence to not only charge him but to also get a conviction by multiple people.”“Yet, here we are going into April 2019 and our case sits on head DA Jackie Lacey’s desk,” she added. Scientology.”The victim alleges that the organization, which has been at the centre of much controversy, has been a driving force behind why they have not seen justice in a case that seems to take longer to prosecute than normal.“No one has yet to take down the cult and their abuses and cover-ups,” she claimed. Masterson, who is a practising Scientologist, denied all claims that he engaged in any sexual misconduct.

Three out of the four victims who are accusing the That ’70s Show star of sexual assault were former Scientologists themselves.

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