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We kept the lights on and talked for a while, and I took the opportunity to fondle myself under the sheets as we talked.I then brought up masturbation, telling him it was fine by me if he did it out in the open and I hoped he wouldn't mind if I did, too.He sort of froze for a second, then lay back and undid his shorts and let me masturbate him.I undid my shorts, exposing myself, and he in turn started to masturbate me.My major was German, and I was thinking of going into teaching.This meant that I had to be a teaching assistant for freshmen taking German.I found I had spare time and started to tutor a couple of students as well in order to get a little extra "beer money." One of the students, a sophomore at the time, had taken a particular liking to me, and we soon became close friends.

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I would now like to relate further on my college years and beyond.

Luckily, he got along with another fellow down the hall and I got along with that fellow's roomie, so we switched rooms after two weeks.

One week into the new room and late at night I heard a familiar sound emanating from my new roommate's bed across the room. I decided to take my chance and I, too, began to masturbate, making sure it was audible.

We also experimented quite a few times with mutual oral stimulation.

He was my roommate for the next two years and our escapades and experimentation continued.

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