Groundwater dating and residence time measurements

Therefore, it contains some samples covering a wide period of time from now to the Holocene implying a continuous system recharging over time.

All the data confirm the assumption of a homogeneous, largely unified aquifer system with a multi-layer structure, but it also points out the low resource sustainability and a strong anthropogenic contamination of the most superficial horizons. Introduction Groundwater is the main source of water for domestic and other uses in many rural and urban areas of the Volta river basin in Benin [1] , because of the scarcity of available surface water resources in the region.

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Two main results can be produced from the groundwater chemistry.

Fortunately, measurement of certain geochemical constituents in water can define residence times and fluxes in subsurface systems.

This chapter will explore the geochemical means that are available to help quantify subsurface fluxes, and will evaluate the implications of their application to a variety of specific systems.

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