Half life 2 validating steam files

Along with a bunch of scientists trapped in a few labs Gordon finds his way around, gets tooled up and goes off on his adventure, eventually escaping Black Mesa and the troops sent there to clean things up, once and for all, and winds up journeying to an alien world.One step ahead of him in this journey is the mysterious G-Man, modelled heavily on a similar character in the X-Files, minus the smokes.

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As you walk your way around City 17 you get a second-hand picture of what’s going on as you overhear conversations and take in the vibe.

Additionally you’ll be fighting alongside friendlies who follow you into battle.

Since we’re on the subject this is a good time to mention AI.

We leave Gordon at the end of his journey travelling on a train.

Where to is unknown but the G-Man knows and he’s not letting on. You’ve been gone years but you wake up on a tube train bound for City 17; a dystopic metropolis governed by a dictatorship called the Combine. The citizens are imprisoned, bullied and overruled by the troops that oversee the city and they’re not happy about it.

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