Internet dating observations real dating online

It’s a writer thing: I use proper grammar even in personal texts.

On the other hand, I sometimes come across as a drooling idiot when I meet people face-to-face.

Most importantly, I’m not a big going-out-to-the-bars-er.

I very rarely meet people, and only a fraction of the people I meet appear regularly in my life.

If Past Me could ask Present Me the above question, I would just laugh. I enjoy my job, although frankly I could do with a few less bodily fluids most days. I’m better on my own most of the time, to be honest, especially because I have so little patience with most humans. I expect occasional disaster from any situation in which I interact with a large volume of strangers, so this hasn’t really altered my experience one way or the other in an overall sense.

True, you do get a little objectivity from the seemingly endless questionnaire.

You can compare your political leanings and your romantic preferences so far as that goes.

When I was in high school, we talked about the sudden explosion of internet dating sites. But maybe that’s just because I’m in danger of growing old and bitter, just like Jane Austen warned me I would. This ambivalent foray into online dating has been amusing even in its infancy.

On the other hand there is another, bigger part of me that doesn’t want to die alone and be eaten by my indifferent chickens.

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