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He had hooks on the wall and his clothing were on the hooks on the wall. But there`s a little sink there that had some running water that sort of drips continually. A Dutch pastor had flown over from the Netherlands. He told me that he was here for all of the Dutch prisoners in Peru. But lo and behold he comes right now and he spoke with Joran. But it turns out, Miley was wearing panties all along. What do Helen Thomas and Kathy Griffin have in common? If Joran Van Der Sloot is convicted of the murder of Stephany Flores, he could eventually find himself in Peru`s most notorious prison, considered to be one of the worst and the most dangerous jails in the world.

Return to Transcripts main page JOY BEHAR SHOW Joran Behind Bars; Miley Photo Controversy Aired June 17, 2010 - ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. And we did get exclusive access into Castro Castro. Truly, these are the exact sorts of discussions we have over coffee every morning. @Sen Sanders and @AOC literally think poor people are stupid.This Sunday, a more personal side of me on the #Candace Owens Show… Meet me in Baltimore on 9/15 at our next #BLEXIT event:… #MAGA The anti-police and anti-law enforcement rhetoric MUST STOP. Nobody calls a politician when there is an active shooter. Now, I want to turn to my panel: journalist and syndicated crime columnist Diane Dimond; and international criminal defense attorney Michael Griffin. MICHAEL GRIFFIN, INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: In over two dozen countries.

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