Is post dating checks illegal

And, seeing an attorney early may aid you in clearing up this matter before it blows up into something more complicated and expensive.

Section 4-401 of the Uniform Commercial Code provides that it is perfectly legal to write a post dated check, though many banks tend to lie and say that it is illegal so they can get out of admitting they made…

Post-dated checks are technically illegal throughout the entire US.

Once someone hands you a signed check, you are legally allowed to deposit that check at anytime.

I asked that he not cash the check for a week because I would not have enough funds in the account until that time. He said okay and dashed off to his next appointment. Check fraud laws vary somewhat from state-to-state.

Now, I learn that he immediately tried to cash the check and it was refused by the bank! But, in general, it is not a crime to post-date a check.

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