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As Katz put it, reggae is a studio music, so it’s not surprising that bands would reflect studio innovations. American kids dug into their parents’ record collections for hip-hop’s building blocks. and America had by then long been engaged in a game of transatlantic musical ping pong.

You may have heard a hip-hop or dance music DJ do the same thing.

Like their American hip-hop counterparts, in the space of a decade they would go from the streets to the charts.

Someone put the echo on, and it was heard around the the 2000s.

But if Max Martin has taught us anything, it’s that great pop music doesn’t have to have great lyrics – often a melodic hook is enough.

And after only one listen, that nagging “wor wer waa wahhhhh wa” hook is thoroughly cemented in the mind.” “Work” has already gotten a lot of attention, not because it came out of the blue or the fact that it features Drake or even the fact that it was the most-heard song on the more than 1,200 radio stations on its first day, but because it is literal gibberish.

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