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Callie is nervous about her date with Hahn and talks to Bailey about it, who says to set down some rules. Lexie is sure he passed and will take him out for a beer regardless.

He gets the results and she opens them for him and says he passed.

Owen pulls the icicle out of Cristina and then he kisses her.

They get into a fight and Hahn says that Callie is not a lesbian and then she walks away. She talks to a Navaho man who says she needs to burn anything that belongs to him.

Cristina is impressed when an Army doctor comes in and stables his own leg wound.

The man is Major Owen Hunt, and even while injured he saves people's lives. Meredith and Cristina fight and then Cristina is stabbed by an icicle that falls from the roof outside the hospital.

She asks Cristina, but Christina thinks she is recommending an apartment for Cristina and Callie and puts a down payment on it.

Izzie realizes that she has nobody and Meredith says that's not true.

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