Looking for ps3 sex

Two years ago it looked, very worryingly, as if Sony were headed to join the others in the graveyard, they had gone from owning the PS2 generation to making just about every mistake possible in the PS3 generation.

Agree with prnlvr222, her sounds are the only complaint I have. I love the way she moves her hips when on top, and how he slides up and into her after licking her ass. now that's a guy who knows how to fuck, he is a fucking sex machine! Hell, I don't think even Manuel Farrera can keep that momentum for that long.

The girl has a nice body and that "exotic" model look going for her.

I certainly couldn't go that long without cumming, so props to the guy for that, but I could definitely match that intensity and stay hard even after cumming.

And it wasn’t just Playstation that was in trouble, Sony the corporation was also having massive problems.

And Sony has led consumer electronics for half a century, so it was not good for anyone.

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