Nas who is he dating

She contacted with Nas regarding his videos which inspired beautiful Alyne.

This led the couple to understand each other differently ultimately falling for each other.

His mother is a teacher and father is a psychologist.

Among the four children, Nas was born second in the family.

Nas has completed his Bachelors from renowned Harvard University in Computer Science and Economics.

He worked as a Software Engineer for Venmo and Pay Pal for some time.

Moreover, he hasn’t revealed his salary as well as income he posses.

With his earnings, Nas has a net worth of 0 thousand as of 2019.

He usually shoots video, edits at night and uploads in the morning.The adventurous Nas roam streets of different countries earning income from his videos.The content of his videos is related to his experience on the road.Nas Daily is a name known for his one-minute videos which he started publishing on Facebook.Usually, he creates one minute video based on his life experience as well as of people he meets while traveling the globe.

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