Newegg tracking not updating

What could have been a simple, quick fix has become a horror story that is all to telling of today’s large company customer service experiences; poorly trained and unempowered agents who couldn’t care less about my problem or if it even is resolved. I placed an order and the next day when I got to work I noticed the address was off by one digit.

Even contacting their leadership directly via Linked In yielded no results and what I can only describe as apathy. I had made a typo in the address.“Not to worry,” I thought. I first tried the online “contact us” chat feature while I was working so I wouldn’t have to be on a phone.

I was told by the supervisor I was speaking with that the order would be cancelled, the package would be recalled, and I either wouldn’t be charged (the charge would fall of), or would be refunded my money. In fact, the package was sent all the way around my block until eventually (I assume) the driver didn’t the address and a “Delivery Exception” was triggered, resulting in the package being sent back to New Egg.

Meanwhile, I correctly received the new order package, that I was forced to place because of the inability to change a single digit. Not only was the other order not cancelled and not re-called from the shipper, I was also still charged for it! So I get back on the horn with New Egg, frustrated as ever, but still calm enough to understand that I just need my money back and I’ll be on my way.

This app not only looks nice, it also takes advantage of the WP interface and makes it easy to navigate.

Shame to all other developers who leave their WP apps sub par compared to Android and IOS ir the ones that don't even try(google).

I checked the tracking information and the package hadn’t shipped. I was told by the agent who came online that he couldn’t update the address — not even one digit, due to a restriction by Pay Pal. The only solution he could offer was to cancel the order and refund my money.

So I decided to actually call someone, knowing that this person may be an outsourced representative, or maybe even a bot.

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Although they were speaking with me and could verify I was who I said I was, they still could not update the address by one single digit.

The functionality is excellent and New Egg deserves extra stars for believing in not just the windows phone but the users.

Searching for "micro SD card" will get you one result plus everything else that can take an SD card.

Thank you New Egg for believing in us. When I can find a product using the Categories and filtering.

The app allows Windows Phone users to search, shop, read reviews and make purchases on We are a market force and tragically most companies treat us like we don't count.

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