Nikki hsieh dating

Taiwanese actors Kunda Hsieh and Alice Ko took their fans by surprise when they announced on Facebook two days ago (Dec 3) that they had already registered their marriage, and were now husband and wife.

The actress posted a photo of their wedding rings along with the caption, “We have been through a lot of tough times, and seen a lot of things these five years together.

The three series feature popular story tropes: features a story about a woman in her 30s quickly passing her prime to get married. They all go the way romance dramas go, which is to be expected.Both characters have room to change and meet in the middle.The character transformations and seeing them both become winners in the war of love together and with each other is what we wait for in this series. It’s a shame we are at the end of the road with Wu Kang Ren dramas because we’ve enjoyed them so much. If you’ve not yet discovered Wu Kang Ren or his dramas, start with these.Trying to top the success of his first single, Show Lo’s second single “Come Back Baby” instead got turned into a ten minute-long music video slash short film starring himself and Golden Horse award-winning actress Nikki Hsieh.Lo plays a kindhearted and deaf gangster who’s in charge of picking up ‘the goods’ as they call it in the gangster world, while Hsieh plays his girlfriend, a police officer.

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