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How did being conjure Itself out of non-being, out of less than nothing? Being awake to Who I really am, I see that other people are both myself and not myself. There are countless individuals, each one of whom is utterly unique and independent, yet each one at centre is the One Spirit, whole and complete.Can you imagine a better, more beautiful arrangement?And when I ask her, I find the same is true for her, except that she is room for the two of us from her point of view. I don’t pretend to understand how the One is also Many, how there come to be countless views out from this one single Eye.But I don’t understand many things that I manage to live with and that are, in fact, the source of deep joy. On top of that, It divided into Many whilst remaining One. Can you imagine how boring and lonely it would be if there had only ever been One, forever and ever? When I look at a friend, I find only one head – hers. Because I am empty of form here, empty of colour and movement, empty of solidity - empty of everything - I take her in, I receive her, I become her. Looking at her face, my gaze travels from her eyes to her forehead, then down to her cheek and mouth, then up to her hair. It seems as though I could look forever and still discover new things about her. I cannot gaze first on one part of my being and then move on to another – it isn’t made up of parts. No distance intervenes between my being and the person in front of me. Having no face here, I find no surface that sets us apart, or keeps her out, or fends her off. Seeing the space here, I see all of it, all at once.Mc Leod instills in his protégé a love of justice and freedom from prejudice which sustains Chuck beyond the end of the film.When the family is having breakfast and the mom announces her wedding plans, we see the sister Meg fill a bowl with cereal and milk.

At one point, a woman tries to blow smoke into the toddler's mouth, causing the child to try and turn his head away.One person can be heard saying: "No more getting high?He’s all blazing it"Police in Fort Hall, Idaho quickly arrested two women for child endangerment following the public uproar.Police have thanked the local communtiy for giving the video the awareness it needed.Fort Hall Police Chief Pat Teton says they cannot release any more information on the case because it’s an ongoing investigation.

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