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There is a special feeling that goes with knowing that what you are doing has a positive impact on both the clients that I interact with as well as society as a whole. What are some substantial changes you have witnessed in both ACAMS and the compliance landscape?

ACAMS has certainly undergone a change in the last five years in the sense that we are no longer a small, private, unlisted company but rather a division of a much larger, listed company.

The words in bold are translated into French at the bottom of the article.

Of the 3,275 fixed speed cams in France, at least 250 have been damaged beyond repair and an additional 1,500 have been vandalised to the point where they no longer work.

That, however, would mean getting out of the chair and actually working for the money which, presumably, no one is that interested in doing when a camera, connected to a state database, can raise half a billion euros for doing bugger all.

The fact that the state is concerned by the loss of income is disturbing and must lead one to conclude that the whole system is implemented for no other reason than to make money.

It took me nearly three more years before I finally became CAMS-certified in March 2016. The best part of my job is that I never have to worry about the suitability or appropriateness of the products and proposition that I sell to any client.

This was not always the case during my banking days and this has been a welcome change ever since I joined the compliance industry eight and a half years ago.

The means of destruction range from covering speed cameras in paint to wrapping them in clingfilm or in rubbish bags to prevent the camera from working.

France's Road Safety association had tried to keep the news under wraps to prevent the trend from spreading, but it happened regardless.

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