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Bullying and harassment run amok: it seems like shock-value is a game unto itself.So OK, good for Microsoft: now it’s got a policy to justify kicking off the jerkiest jerks."It was like copying a Word document from the computer." Fantasy Interactive moved to dismiss the lawsuit, but a New York judge ruled that the plaintiffs have valid claims under the Stored Communications Act and that the case can move forward to trial, given the allegation that Fantasy Interactive accessed "communications occurring outside of the workplace on Plaintiffs' personal computers." I suspect that the plaintiffs' privacy claims will be undermined by the way that Skype works.

We either are Michael Scott, or we have worked with him.

The new offenses, which can get you kicked from services or lose you your Microsoft account, join the garden-variety evil villain ones: transmitting viruses, stalking, posting terrorist content, communicating hate speech, advocating violence against others, copyright infringement, and manipulating services to increase play count, among others.

What you’re up against if you violate the new terms: …we may stop providing Services to you or we may close your Microsoft account.

Fantasy Interactive claims that it only accessed the file available on Snyder's computer and that the company's HR manual makes clear that there's no expectation of privacy in files and communications on a work device.

Skype is often touted as a private, encrypted method of communication.

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