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Plus, they can manage your online accounts for you— or free you from the tyranny of Tinder, Ok Cupid, et. Here, with a collective 60-plus years in the business, four matchmakers tell their secrets and offer their best dating advice—for free.

""Brainstorm all the ways you would like a partner to treat you: flowers, bubble baths, supportive words, nature walks, whatever makes you feel loved and treasured.

Thank of how some people life you up and enliven your life with their presence. On the other hand, some people make you feel drained, tired, or slightly out of sorts after you spend time with them.

These are people to be aware of; modulate the amount of time you spend with them.

With such a positive focus, you can't help but attract positive people and situations. Live with the beautiful, authentic truth inside your heart. Accept the goodness and love that life has to offer you. View your world with positive, rose-colored, love-filled glasses.

Staying the course and committing to lovingkindness, especially toward yourself, will help you draw forth your spiritual soul mate. See the loving child hugging her puppy on the street and let that love in.

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