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Couples counseling (aka couples therapy, marital therapy, relationship counseling, marriage counseling) helps couples face issues and differences.

Working with a trained couples therapist or mental health professional can be particularly helpful in managing, addressing, and recovering from difficult and potential problem areas at all relationship stages.

Several important factors, such as timing and motivation, play a role in how successful couples counseling is.

Terry Gaspard, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, goes into more detail in an article for The Huffington Post.

It is a new situation filled with unknowns and, therefore, can bring up vulnerabilities as you face what is really going on in your relationship.

Therapy should be a safe place for difficult dialogues, and validation and empathy from your therapist.

Conflict can be constructive if you are able to move toward resolution together, but nasty arguments lead to distance and resentment over time and fading love and intimacy.

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While it is not the therapist’s job to save your relationship or marriage, therapists are trained to be unbiased and objective.

In some types of couples therapy, the therapist may be seen as a coach providing education, communication skills training, and conflict-resolution techniques. John and Julie Gottman, and Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), developed by Dr.

Sue Johnson, are two fantastic resources for learning more about what to expect in the major types of couples counseling.

If there’s conflict in any part of your relationship, and you are unable to resolve your problems together, seeking out couples therapy is a good idea.

Couples therapy can be a powerful resource for all couples, regardless of sexual orientation, race or religion, or whether you’re dating, considering cohabitation or marriage, or are currently married.

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