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- Anti-Scam Tools ETA: If a good organisation wants to run a dating site, they could use this legitimately.It's not going to force them into a scam, it seems.Dating is like recruitement (in regard to your question).We haven't come anywhere close to solving one-way discovery (finding the right movie for you on netflix, the right app on whatever store, the right game on steam, the right book on amazon).This blog, however, will focus on the primordial requirements to create the app.

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why is there demand for more than a handful of dating sites?

But the core idea of dating has remained the same since time immemorial. Tinder, Happn, e Harmony, OKCupid etc are some of the big names in the online dating industry. These are the old players who have tasted success in the very early stages.

Cut to today, dating is still the same–knowing the other person by spending time with them which may or may not lead to a long-term significant other. When people today talk about dating, most of the times it is online. This is because people love to connect with each other especially when they know that they are on a shared platform where each one of them is looking for something common: a partner to date.

Deep down, people crave for social interaction because the fire burns at the very core of human evolution.

Hence, providing a unique platform where like-minded users meet their counterparts adds to the value that automatically attracts profits like magnets.

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