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Some love it, others are attracted by it and, of course, some hate it big time!Some, rather unkind critics claim that Wilson avoids getting a nose job on purpose, so he can keep people from noticing his unattractive teeth.When it comes to Owen Wilson, he’s most well known for his movies and the mainstream comedies such as The Wedding Crashers, The Cable Guy and Anaconda, and the artsy ones like Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.Owen was open about his ex relationships with the both Kate Hudson and Sheryl Crow and also about his battles with depression.In saying this though, who’s to know that the nose will remain as it is?He may wake up one day and decide to finally go for the nose job. Everyone asks him about it all the time and he tries to avoid the subject and talk about something else.If he is in the mood to say something about his unique feature – which has happened a few times in the past – he says he’s proud of his nose.

He grew up in Texas with his mother, Laura (Cunningham), a photographer; his father, Robert Andrew Wilson, an ad exec; and his brothers, Andrew Wilson (the eldest) and Luke Wilson (the youngest). Mark's School of Texas (Dallas, TX) in the tenth grade, Wilson finished his sophomore year at Thomas Jefferson School and then headed to a military academy in New Mexico.So, if he had to blame someone, it would have to be his Irish-American parents!The thing about the Zoolander star’s nose is, not only that it’s long, but also that it looks like someone has put a bit of tape over it and made it look ‘broken’. The poor guy broke his nose many times in the past and is now in a place where he goes to interview, only to have reporters ask him things like, whether he was born with this nose, when did he break it, how did he break it and so on…He makes it a point though, to make sure not even one picture finds its way to the press, that shows him with his nose as it was before he broke it.After making the film, Wilson moved to Hollywood, setting up house with his two brothers and Anderson.Fairly quickly, Owen found himself acting in a series of big budget films, such as Prielipa (1996), Šmeklos (1999), Anaconda (1997) and Čempionu pusryčiai (1999).

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