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James is a successful black man struggling to find a healthy loving relationship.From his wife, whom he has divorced, to the women he tried to date after her, he finds himself confronted with constant drama. This brings up a whole new set of issues for him to deal with. Special features: Optional profanity-free version (no cursing) audio track; extended scenes--over one hour of bonus footage not seen in theatres; must-hear director's commentary.This information is shared with social media services, sponsorship, analytics and other third-party service providers. Our shipping centers are continuing to send and receive DVDs, so your movies will be processed as usual and you may be able to instantly watch movies on an intermittent basis.The 2009 drama comedy film Diary of a Tired Black Man is an independent movie which combines a great balance of comedy and drama according to writer and director Tim Alexander.It was also made to have a very documentary like film, yet of course it is still an actual scripted film.He decides to go around gaining advice on how others create a good marriage and have a good life with those that they love.

Our records show that Lena Paul is currently Lena Paul should get braces. It ain't gonna 100% perfect like the past but it'll make em way [email protected] Um, this isn't "Class Struggle for Dummies," Mr.

After a life of making bad choices in the women he chose to deal with, he decided to make this film, by himself as a crew of one, to show the world the challenges a good man has in a relationship. Who is this loser, besides just being a narcissist. It's not even that they're a blue-collar working class family but the wife just always demands more. But the good news is, the world needs plenty of bar tenders, so why don't you start there and leave the documentaries and film-making to the people who are smart enough to make a good movie.

It was a personal challenge to tell his personal story through the lead character Jimmy Jean-Louis. See more » If I could give negative stars I would, cause frankly, this doesn't even deserve 1 star. There are so many problems with this video --- too many to count. And I think this was so infantile and stupid, it ironically defeated the director's point by making all the men testimonials look completely infantile- -- the men (including director, Tim Alexander) don't even seem like they could get a G. Oh and for the record, I have dated several African-American women plus I have several African-American male and female friends and none of them (especially the females I've had relationships with) act or even think this way.

-- Single parenting -- Sharing with girlfriends -- The men's point of view -- A man of honor -- The wrong way to start a day -- And now a word from James's conscience: taking responsibility for his choices -- Let's see ...

how will I test James today -- Power struggles -- A strong black woman is a woman who has weathered many storms without losing the goodness of her character -- The last supper -- Even a nice guy like James has limits ...

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