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(Women were considered to be sexually active during every month after their sexual debut.) Conception rates were calculated for all never-married women and for sexually active women.

The researchers used logistic and Poisson regression models to examine the effects of selected covariates on contraceptive protection and conception rates, respectively.

The conception rate among all single women increased over the study period, from 3.7 to 6.2 per 100 woman-years in Colombia and from 3.9 to 4.9 per 100 woman-years in Peru.

However, the rates among sexually active women decreased from 22.7 to 16.7 in Colombia and from 23.3 to 20.2 in Peru.

The researchers comment that the overall trends for the two countries were "strikingly similar" and that programmatic strategies implemented in one may be effective in the other.

Examination of the proportion of premarital pregnancies ending in live birth that were wanted showed decreases in both countries during the study period—from 69% to 36% in Colombia and from 51% to 38% in Peru.

Although the proportion of time in which women were sexually active and unprotected by contraception increased—from 13% to 19% in Colombia and from 13% to 17% in Peru, the proportions protected by contraception also increased—from 3% to 18% in Colombia and from 4% to 8% in Peru.

Increased contraceptive protection in both countries was largely attributable to condom use, which increased by 20 percentage points in Columbia and 14 percentage points in Peru.

You may be a first-time solo traveler worried about a solo trip to Peru. But traveling smart is going to increase your chances of staying safe.

Maybe you’ve heard how amazing the cuisine is and you’re wondering if the food in Peru is safe. Not looking like a complete tourist will help you NOT be a target of street crime.

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