Petsmart managers dating associates

They stated it had to be reasonable and the inability for him to name a return date was unreasonable.I feel they contributed to my health issues at the end because they had a new store manager who needed to be trained (which they do often, I had 7 managers in my 8 years and 5 district managers) and I was not there so they decided to transfer me out after being in the same store.Threats are made every confrence call; threats to write up under performers and threats to write up anyone who disobeys the RSD’s direction(even if it’s wrong.) Do not work here, you will regret it.

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There is little chance of promotion, favoritism runs wild, never call the CARE hotline which is supposed to be set up for employees to report issues, everybody goes with somebody else in the company even though it is against policy, employees are supposed to be certified for certain jobs, but are given the answers to the tests, this causes policy violations which management turns a blind eye.If you call the district manager it's basically your word vs.the store manager so there is no problem resolution here.There is no room to advance anywhere here and the only people that advance are those that sleep with the store manager or fraternize with the managers outside of the workplace.Any issues brought to the store manager are ignored and brushed off as jealousy. If you try to call the care line you are threatened that you will be let go.

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