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It’s predictability becomes a crutch that unlike messy relationships, you know you can count on without having to risk anything.Despite investing much time and patience cultivating a ‘relationship’ or a ‘friendship’ with your slow texting buddy, you can’t really count on them to be there when you need them. The people you slow text are not the ones you go to for lasting and meaningful connections.

Why, when given the ‘gift’ of instant connectivity do some people insist on communicating at a snail’s pace?

occurs when you become a reserve for someone keeping their options open.

Rather than commit to either dating someone seriously or dumping them, they put you in the mental ‘maybe’ folder.

Or maybe this has something to do how Thought catalog, Tumblr and other pop culture mediums have twisted their idea of what love and relationships should be.

When you slow text, you get to keep believing all of these things, that love is supposed to hurt; that it does not exist, does not last, or does not come easy.

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