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I don't enforce the milks, fruits and vegies on a daily basis. (Not a New Years resolution or anything.) I have officially lost 20 lbs thus far and look to lose another 20. (that was AFTER I quit smoking) Whew that goodness for luck being on my side. I have lost over 50 lbs and love everything about this program! I mean, here I am in my own space (LOL) and here is a page with my photograph in a weight watchers ad. I am heavy, yes, but this is an insult to my intelligence! this is the 2nd time I've been on weight watchers and am now very excited to have started the program. This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself! I went several years ago when they still told you what to eat. Weight Watchers is helping me to gain confidence back in myself. I'm trying to put my life back together and have good days and bad days. I HAVE TRIED EVERY DIET THAT EVER CAME DOWN THE LINE AND WW IS THE ONLY ONE WHERE I FEEL THAT I'M NOT ON A DIET. IF IT WASN'T FOR HER I DON'T THINK THE RESULTS WOULD HAVE BEEN THE SAME. I have another WI tonight, not sure how it will go. I was always told that if I only would lose weight, then I would get a boyfriend, be more popular, you name it.don't get me wrong she eats these things but I feel bad not getting the pack of cookies, I'm going to work so I order pizza and yes the soda, ((sigh)) But, she's excited about this now and she told me she bought an apple at school yesterday instead of the icecream, that made me very proud of her! I quit smoking in Sept of 2006 and told myself I would give myself until the end of Dec and then it was time to concentrate on a healthy weight. Anyway, that is all I will divuldge about myself for now. I look forward to chatting and if anyone needs any advice or tips feel free to send me a message!!! I have 1 child and need to get her to start eating healthy. I also have a medical condition that preevnts me from losing weight easlily. I am a stay at home mom of two little ones, Konner just turn 4 and Madi is 2. Hi, my name is Donelle and I am stay at home mommy of two wonderful boys a two year old and 8 week old. It's hard to not reach for that comfort food but I'm hanging in there and every pound is a victory for me. I CAN EAT WITH MY FAMILY AND NOT HAVE TO FEEL LEFT OUT AT THE DINNER TABLE. The truth was I didn't need to be thin to find the love of my life and in a way that is what has encouraged me to lose weight not to be noticed or anything like that, but to just feel good about myself, have energy and just be healthy.We must be the only crazy two people to click on it!! My name is Stephanie and this is my second time returning to Weight Watcher's and this time it's much harder for me I just had my third child 8 months ago and I have no thyroid.... I started weight watchers last February, but when I quit smoking in October, it went down hill and I gained almost everything I am practically starting over. not sure how often I'll be back over here, but it's great the WW finally jumped on the My Space bandwagon!! My name is Sabrina and I'm a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful kids. I have obviously found that is not the case, since each time I came back and I to re-lose what I gained back and then some.Have a lot of stuff holding me back but still hanging in there!! I have tried WW many times but have never had the mindset to be committed to it. I have a very encouraging boyfriend and family, so that helps so much! My name is Regina and I've lost 33 lbs as of my last weighin this past Monday. I AM A LIFE MEMBER AND I RECENTLY LOST 55LBS IN 5 MONTHS. And let me tell you, it did NOT get easier each time.

I am on my first week and it has been soooooo hard! I'm aiming low because I always surprise myself at the end. This is about my thousandth time on WW (okay, not really, but close enough). Besides attending the meeting you have to do your part, yes I had times where I gained a pound or two or even ounces. I did WW 3 years ago and lost 30 pounds but have gained that back plus 20 more. I love WW and I know it works but you have to be willing to change your habits.

I feel a lot better and have the ENERGY I need to walk and do other excercises. My husband told me he is a little jealous cause he is not use to the ATTENTION I am getting now. At that time in my life I thought I needed to lose weight so i began eating salads for lunch everyday but I couldn't stop with the fast food on my way home in the evening! My name is Lucy, I'm a married mother of 3 wonderful kids, and I joined Weight Watchers for the 3rd time 3 weeks ago.

Besides attending the meeting you have to do your part, yes I had times where I gained a pound or two or even ounces. My senior year I was a very healthy 125, the best i have EVER looked! I'm learning once again how to eat, while trying to manage my type 2 diabetes. I came back to Weight Watchers because I know it works.

I went to Costco tonight and I am not even sure why I tortured myself walking through the bakery section. Then my leader was talking to me and she said .2lbs is a stick of butter! I really want to lose weight so that I can be healthy. But it made me work harder, and beleive in myself and that I am not alone. I am struggling with my weight at the current time and I hope to be able to work all that out.

The whole time I kept thinking just one package of brownies or cookies. I just graduated college for graphic design and animation. I work evening at a convienience store until I find my career (hopefuly that will be very soon) I go on and off weight watchers all the time. And when you think about it, thats a good bit of weight! I reached lifetime a few years ago and then just completely went off the program.

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