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OPD is a nationally recognized law enforcement agency that is focused on the safety of our residents, visitors, and businesses.Our job is to protect the citizens of Orlando and we intend to accomplish that mission, even at risk to our own lives.Additionally, legal advisors handle civil forfeiture cases which may lead to the seizure of vehicles and money to be used for crime prevention.Please note: The Police Legal Advisor’s Office does not represent or give legal advice to the citizens of Orlando.If you have been notified that your stolen property has been recovered, please contact our Property and Evidence Section during business hours at 407.246.2445.

[email protected] Deputy Chief Jose Velez, Patrol Services Bureau Jose.

Chief’s Staff is composed of a Staff Director and the Criminal Justice Section.

The Staff Director reports directly to the Chief of Police and is responsible for managing the Police Chaplains and Media Relations.

We ask only for your assistance by Learn about the Orlando Police Department effort to provide state-of-the-art technology that will enhance department operations and provide new ways for our officers to protect and serve our community.

Chief Orlando Rolón was born in Puerto Rico and permanently moved to Central Florida with his family in 1977.

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