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i want to see if you would help assist me in having this e-abortion Sexy Girl69: i had e-sex Sexy Girl69: and i became e-pregnant Sexy Girl69: thats where you come in Sexy Girl69: think you can help me out? akl: probably yes akl: but i am not in theater Sexy Girl69: that's unfortunate akl: so wat we do now Sexy Girl69: so, i heard the "wire hanger" method works the best akl: can u find it or stay Sexy Girl69: i think it will be painful akl: so wat am i gone do, oh c razy e world Sexy Girl69: suicide is the only option akl: any way thnks , see u in the heaven Sexy Girl69: ok bye sexy Rusty7764: hey Rusty7764: hello Sexy Girl69: hiiiii Rusty7764: how it going sexy Sexy Girl69: pretty good i think Sexy Girl69: u?

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akl: hw r u, m or f pls Sexy Girl69: I'm a female, and I'm doing great Sexy Girl69: u?

akl: i am a male, i am doing great akl: wat is ur sweet name Sexy Girl69: Theresa akl: wat u do akl: wr r u from Sexy Girl69: i'm from sweden akl: sweden, nice girls out there i think akl: terica, ask all the same questions Sexy Girl69: so, anyway, on to buisiness.

We pride ourselves in having a very easy-to-use chat, yet have all the latest features. They only require that you have a webcam, microphone and/or speakers. Anything goes in this chat room, so please proceed with caution and be careful who you speak to. The box above allows you to enter a nickname of your own choice.

To utilize our chat, all you need to have is an up-to-date modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Hit the "Chat Now" button after you have done so and you will be connected instantly.

Guest_1531: hey Guest_1531: 19 m uk tightyteen3: 15 f uk Guest_1531: hot Guest_1531: you ok with the age thing? Guest_1531: cool tightyteen3: it's only the internet after all. im manchester tightyteen3: i live right out of london about twenty km. Guest_1531: never any chance to meet anyone Guest_1531: so what you into sex wise tightyteen3: um... Guest_1531: god it smells so good Guest_1531: daddy? tightyteen3: my black hairy ass Guest_1531: i want to eat your %%% Guest_1531: your black?? Guest_1531: love to suck on that big black %%%% akl: helo Sexy Girl69: hiiii Sexy Girl69: whats up?

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