Sex dating kolkata

“I have problems with the very concept of a hookup.Sexual encounters cannot happen without emotional involvement and in that sense, the entire concept seems like an oxymoron to me,” Shreya Sur, a student of Bhawanipur Education Society College said.“The reason is simply because you won’t have to face the guilt or constantly think if you are doing the right thing or not,” Shreya added.Ipsita echoed similar sentiments and said that those who go for hookups mostly do it either because they have had some bad experience or are simply not ready to take the responsibility of a commitment. I know someone is there and that he will be there no matter what.

Most students said that after the initial phase was over and they knew there would be no future, they felt a sudden emptiness.While city students supported the concept of commitments, they also agreed there are reasons that people go for non-committal relationships.Since both parties do not have any emotional involvement and they are free to end the relationship whenever they want, they can easily avoid the emotional turmoil of a committed relationship. The first few weeks or months are always good, but problems start when the initial magic wears out.“It’s as if I was doing something without any purpose.I was just running without knowing the destination and after a certain time, I felt lost,” said Aditya Bhatnagar, a student of St Xavier’s College.

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