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Neuroscience shows that these hormones are released with intimate physical contact such as hugging or kissing.Mc Ilhaney and Bush explain: “When two people join physically, powerful neurohormones are released because of the sexual experience, making an impression on the synapses in their brains and hardwiring their bond.It aids and accelerates the human bonding process between the mother and child. They emphasize that parents need to understand the role these hormones play in sexual experience.During sex, the release of oxytocin in the female brain helps a woman bond with her mate. Besides helping a man to bond with his children, during sex it aids bonding with his mate. Concerning dopamine and young people having casual sex, they write: “It seems that the dopamine reward signal is working very well in these young people.“[W]ith the aid of modern research techniques and technologies, scientists are confirming that sex is more than a momentary physical act,” they write.“It produces powerful, even lifelong changes in our brains that direct and influence our future to a surprising degree.”In other words, the use of sex can either keep the human brain healthy or severely damage it.In its rawest form it involves total strangers—no names, no history, no tomorrow. The misuse of sex brings incredible personal sorrow.It coldly seeks to suppress the development of any type of relationship. Monogamous, of teens are the most likely to be taken in by such thinking.

One day she came to me and asked, “Why does casual sex hurt people?Casual sex has been glamorized in movies and on television. The current adult generation has yet to deal with the problem of and the problems caused by promiscuous sex.Casual sex membership websites, often accompanied with pornographic material, make it easy for partners to hook up. They assure us of the thrilling excitement of the casual sex lifestyle. The philosophy underlying all this hype is that marriage is out; casual sex is harmless fun; everyone is doing it; you are missing out—just do it! Our sex-crazed society willfully overlooks the bad fruits of its actions.These scientific facts add support to necessary sex instruction that must be provided to protect our teens and young adults.Joe Mc Ilhaney and Freda Bush, both ob-gyns, have taken the current neuroscience research and translated it into a plain-speaking, easy-to-understand book titled the duo confront the emotional and psychological damage casual sex does to young, developing brains.

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