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And he was secretly in a relationship with his “soulmate” Dr Amit Patel, who had emigrated to Sydney and with whom he hoped to bring up his and Jessica’s IVF baby after her death.

The husband was convicted of her murder at Teesside Crown Court after the jury heard Patel had made internet searches dating back years, including “I need to kill my wife”, “insulin overdose”, “plot to kill my wife, do I need a co-conspirator?

I recall feeling a sense of emptiness at the time since I didn’t feel it with my then husband.

I had always believed it was possible to have that kind of love, but perhaps, I reasoned, it was not in the stars for me.

You can convey what you’re thinking by just looking at each other.

It feels like you have known them forever and you are completely comfortable in their presence. It is kind of strange, but once you meet your soulmate all others before he becomes background noise.

I am not sure how I was so fortunate, but on Facebook several years ago I became friends with a man I knew from my neighborhood growing up.

Oh, and to get back into the gutter, the sex is fantastic! You can’t even remember what it was like to be without them, and you don’t want to!

It feels like they have always been there and that you have known them forever.3. When you meet your soulmate it is a feeling in your gut that pulls you toward each other like magnets.

It was, without a doubt, the best date I’d ever been on.

We were in sync with one another, there was an unbelievably strong chemistry and I felt like I knew him in ways I couldn’t describe. We traversed along for many years without each other only to finally come home.

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