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Then a few days ago a notification on the controller said there was an updated. Im sure when I go fly tomorrow the date will be the same.

And yes I have changed the date on the controller and is current.

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If yes, did you try to remove the SD card and re-upgrade the firmware again? https://com/mavic-2/info#downloads Hi, we're sorry for the late response.

Thanks for the notes, I was able to use assistant 2 and update to 0400. When I used an adapter on my Mac (Female USB-A to Male USBC) and the corresponding cable, Assistant saw the controller and upgrade worked.

There were a couple times I thought it was hanging up but eventually pushed threw. Now it keeps telling me to update the latest firmware, the same 0.400. For a few flights the dates were correct but the majority of the flight show 1-28-2013. The controller works great when flying but other than that the software that runs it is crap.

I will coordinate this with our designated department for further help.

We'll keep you posted as soon as we receive the feedback from our team. Hi, we're sorry for the inconvenience that it caused.

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