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Over at the University of Pennsylvania, Operation Match was the rage.

Larry Beaser was far more serious than social, and had joined a fraternity with the high GPA but low babe appeal.

Shelly Bronstein took a bus and two subways every day from Broomall to Temple University.

After classes, she worked two jobs, including one as elevator operator at a women's clothing store - hardly a prospect-rich environment.

In 1966, she said, women often were not taken very seriously. There was a physical attraction, sure - as the literature for Operation Match said, "We provide the match, you provide the spark" - but what they most remember about the night was the rich conversation.

Both were interested in serious things, war, peace, civil rights, saving the world.

Tarr recruited two others to help out, including his roommate, David L. Ginsburg, the future Supreme Court nominee, then a Cornell University dropout who later sold his share in the company to finish his degree work there.

Now, we know more about where these pop-up stores will be, including almost 600 locations in 30 states.

No matter which friends house you were at or doctor's office waiting room you were in, there were some that just seemed to be everywhere.

Weebles were one of the toys you would be mostly likely to find anywhere that toys were set up for Since Toys 'R' Us filed for bankruptcy last September, Toys 'R' Us Kids of all ages have been anxiously following the struggling chains ups and downs.

There are a bunch of movies from our childhood that looking back are kind of messed up.

Whether it's kids getting turned into blueberries or aliens coming down from outer space only to phone home, we've had to deal with a lot.

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