The ultimate dating guide

You’ll find a mix of intellectual, scientific, business and artistic oriented girls.

They seem to don’t like Russians very much, but other than that they have a live and let live attitude.

The cat’s out of the bag and Estonia is a well-known vodka and game tourist destination.

It’s a small country as it is, so the foreigner presence is felt easily.

They tend to keep to themselves in their Russian circles.

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Still you’ll find more long hair, normal fashion and girly looking girls here than other parts of Europe.

They look like what Finnish girls would be if they rejected the Westernization of weird hair, tattoos, feminism and Mc Donalds.

Estonian girls are generally thinner and more subdued in their appearance, though unfortunately this is also dwindling as Westernization and hipsterism takes hold.

Estonian women are a bit of an enigma when it comes to the colloquial region of Eastern Europe.

Their language is related to Finnish rather than Russian and they identify more with Scandinavia than the Eastern lands.

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