Tom welling and kristin kreuk dating

You may also have spotted him (well done if you did) as the crystal-formed Martinex, Sylvester Stallone's right-hand man in 's plucky Chloe Sullivan" title="Allison Mack - Smallville" class="lazyimage lazyload" data-src="*", which saw the fairytale modernised and updated for a whole new audience, and ran for four seasons.resize=480:*"'s Superman / Clark Kent may have had a double identity in the show, but he had triple duties on the series, serving as actor, co-executive producer, and even director.

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Originally, he is also a construction worker who worked during the year 1998 before entering into the entertainment industry.Kreuk, like Mack, was involved in NXIVM but left in 2012 and claims she witnessed nothing untoward in her time with them.She now stars in legal mystery 's Superman / Clark Kent may have had a double identity in the show" title="Tom Welling - Smallville" class="lazyimage lazyload" data-src=" actor that plays as the lead is Tom Welling however additional actors that starred in Smallville would include Michael Rosenbaum who starred on the show for seven seasons, Sam Jones III who played three seasons, John Schneider who played Jonathan Kent for five seasons, Eric Johnson who starred in the first season only, John Glover who appeared in seven seasons but only starred in six of them, Jensen Ackles who starred in only Season… In fact, Tom had been dating his current wife Jamie for several years by the time he was hired for Smallville and may have already been engaged when the show began production. When Tom married Jamie in July 2002, he invited the Smallville cast, which included Kristin Kreuk, to the wedding. Tom Welling was with his long time girlfriend Jamie White (they had been together six years) when Smallville went into production in 2001, and they may have already been engaged when the show began filming.

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