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When they were absent from the TV series, they were more like real Cybermen than ever - with cannibalised components and patched up with repairs. This is the story of the forgotten Cybermen of the early 70s, and their jumbled lives.

It Began with a Dating Controversy During a recent showing of the Documentary series "", I noticed a slide popped up which was used to represent "The Cybermen" from the 1960s (see above right).

The final episode of was shown in December of 1968 and, even without the diligent Branding Department of the 21st century, there's no way they'd have done promotional photography with old Cybermen soon after they'd gleefully launched a new design.

So 1969 suddenly doesn't look like a very likely year either.

(Source) Burning Sun shuts down as the investigation of drug dealing widens to more clubs in the Gangnam area. Kim is suspected of a third count of sexual assault as police review CCTV recordings. It is reported that police are investigating Burning Sun executives, including Seungri.

It is fitting, therefore, that when there came a period in finished its run in December 1968, the Cybermen would not be seen again properly for over six years. But in this period of near-extinction, there were still sightings of these metallic monsters.

Police raid Burning Sun and the Yeoksam District police unit.

They confiscate programs related to alleged collusion of police officers as well as CCTV footage.

We'll keep updating this timeline as news comes to light.

Burning Sun CEO Lee Moon Ho issues a statement in which he apologises to Seungri.

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