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BTW, constant time performance is only provided if mappings are distributed uniformly across bucket location.In the real world, you always have collision and Hash Map handles collision by using a linked list to store collided elements.Iteration over Map is directly proportional to the of Hash Map, that's why it's important to set the initial capacity high enough if iteration performance is important.

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Enum Map for storing mapping with enum constants as keys, it is highly optimized for enum constants.

Worth noting is that this behavior is only applicable to Hash Map, Linked Hash Map, and Concurrent Hash Map, Hashtable is left behind to preserve its legacy iteration order as many legacy Java application relies on that and this changes that order.

This is also a good example of why you should not rely on undocumented features of JDK e.g.

This provides Linked Hash Map an edge over Hash Map without compromising too much performance.

provides you complete control over sorting elements by passing custom Comparator of your choice, but with the expense of some performance.

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