Updating cisco bootstrap

There are usually four types of memory on a Cisco router: Although CPU and memory are required components to run IOS, a router must also have various interfaces to allow packet forwarding.Interfaces are input and output connections to the router that carries data that needs to be routed or switched.From the website, Catalyst 3750 Software Upgrade in a Stack Configuration with Use of the Command-Line Interface document: 3750 Series Switch Stack IOS Upgrade - Manual (Image) A 3750 switch stack can be managed either with the web device manager or with the CLI.If user manages the switch with the CLI, user do not need the image.After initial setup, the configuration is most commonly modified using the command-line interface (CLI).Other ways of configuring the router include HTTP and network management applications.This section explains how to copy and upgrade the new IOS in the 3750 switch stack.

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ALWAYS backup your files and commit everything in to source control before using the tool.

Like a computer, a router has a CPU that varies in performance and capabilities depending on the router platform.

Two examples of processors that Cisco uses are the Motorola 68030 and the Orion/R4600.

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