Updating datagrid asp net Asian sex chat 99 ct

I click on edit and and the non-readonly field become editable as in update button does nothing.

My best effort got me the value that was in gridview before editing or changing. Execute Command(Comm and Behavior behavior, Object& execute Result) at System. Sub Data Grid_Update(s As Object, e As Data Grid Command Event Args ) 'create edit text boxes Dim txt Name As textbox = E. See page nt_page someone please help explain this please? Controls(0) 'update SQL Dim str Update Sql As String ="UPDATE Projects SET" & _ " Name [email protected], Status [email protected], Action = @Action, Staff = @Staff" & _ " WHERE Project ID = @Project ID" 'connection stuff Dim conn As Ole Db Connection = New Ole Db Connection(str Conn) conn. Under IIS the page render OK but UPDATE generate the following exception: - System.

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