Varanoir kingdom of chaos the universe

Like the other Idea Factory anime I've reviewed so far, Vara Noir utilizes traditional animation on top of CG backgrounds... Granted, fellow 2002 production GOC Next didn't exactly have a good mix either, but here it's simply really awkward and blatantly unimpressive.True, the animation itself doesn't look quite as "digital" as GOC Next's, but it's almost as if the trade-off was simply horrible CG.If there is anything good to say about this anime, though, it's that some of that characters are entertaining & there are a couple of good laughs.Myu's simple innocence & optimism makes her easy to like, especially since every bit of trouble she gets into isn't really her fault: Her classmates are simply wacky.And if the second episode is anything like the first, then I hesitate to want to watch it one day.Myu is a simple girl who lives with her (lecherous) grandfather in the city that surrounds Vara Noir, helping out as a chimney sweep.

All right, when it comes to Idea Factory anime so far we've got an average one (Generation of Chaos), a below-average one (GOC Next), & a damn good one (GOC III)... Well, here's one for you: A prime example of Idea Factory's ambition being a little too big for their abilities, or at least their budget, and a title I am willing to break my "Only Titles I Have Seen Everything Of" review policy, at least for the moment.

One day, her grandfather sneaks a message into her sandwich; the message reveals that Vara Noir, normally open only to the best, is welcoming regular folk in for a limited time.

Myu takes this opportunity to enroll, mainly with the intent of making friends, but unfortunately she has absolutely no skills in fighting...

She comes from an equally-prestigious family, and with that comes the feel that she has to be the best, made all the more difficult when Myu is able to accidentally top her, but Lute differs slightly from characters of this ilk by being admittedly flawed (she's always late to class but is extremely polite) and lacking any sort of snobby girl laugh (you know, that usual laugh they have).

The comedy parts that work tend to come from Myu, such as when Faust continually shows off a freaky smile and Myu responds by looking into a mirror & checking her teeth, or the two moments where Myu accidentally wins a fight by bending down to grab a coin.

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