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To cancel your Virgin account, you need to follow some steps.

The information that you will be able to found on this page will act as a guide created in order to help you make your Virgin cancellation easier.

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First, if you like to cancel Virgin, you can call their customer service using our? With the headquarters in Hook, UK, Virgin was formed from the merging between Telewest and Virgin Mobile UK.

If you have a Virgin account and you want to cancel it, reading this article will help you do that easier.

If the contract has ended, you have to notice Virgin media with 30 days before leaving.

When you cancel your Virgin Broadband, you will still be able to use your Virgin Media Mail for an additional period of 90 days.

If you want to cancel your Virgin account, just call 150 from your Virgin media mobile or phone or just the customer service number at the bottom at this guide.

When you want to terminate your account you have to pay some cancellation fees if your contract has not ended.

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