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“These hits of dopamine and oxytocin sustain us on a physical and emotional level,” says Kelton, the founder of Bad Online and the author of .“Interestingly,’’ she adds, “we can get these doses of pleasure hormones from social networks and gaming, as well as from in-person interactions.” Many technologies, including wearables and robotics, will create Brave New Worlds for dating and relationships, as we get older.Indeed, the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases have risen among the elderly, helped by more relaxed attitudes to sex outside of marriage.Higher divorce rates and more breakups and higher have led to more single people, too.You'll be rewarded for your efforts at the end with a virtual trophy. Experience life as an architect in Nashville from the ground floor!In this incredible experience, you can build your own skyscraper using the materials provided working from the ground or growing as big as the building you're creating.But whether you meet online or in person, Kelton says what remains important is having interactions with others — something that’s especially important as more Americans age in place rather than moving to assisted living facilities.

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That old couple that you smile at as they take a stroll in the park?

There are companies that are filming 360 degree video from multitudes of heights and perspectives to allow users to participate in movies, rather than just watch them.

Oculus Rift, owned by Facebook (FB), is ready to launch next-generation headsets next year.

Imagine if, at 100, you and your wife could relive your first date?

Imagine old age if we can use technology, VR in particular, and other wearables to not only rekindle memories, but also to create new connections and experiences, no matter what our physical status in real life?

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