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The Auto-Zoom option causes i Cam to automatically zoom in when you are connecting to only one i Cam Source. Since your i Cam Login and Password are never sent to our server, we are unfortunately unable to recover them.

The good news is that you can simply enter a new i Cam Login and Password combination into both i Cam and the i Cam Source and you should again be able to connect.

i Cam Source Mobile is the i OS app that allows you to stream live audio and video from your i OS device's microphone and camera to another mobile device running i Cam. Start the i Cam Source, and choose your USB / Fire Wire / Built-In webcam from the Video and Audio drop-down lists.

If you are connecting to an Ethernet / Wi-Fi camera, simply enter the camera's MJPEG/JPEG URL along with the camera's login and password.

The images will be stored in your i OS device's Photos Camera Roll.

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Since its release, we have updated the app and added strong unique editing tools and functionality, such as the live editing camera (which now includes a video feature) the ability to use Auto and custom photos under Backdrop, Masks and we have tons more planned.

Halide is the only camera app for i Phone that you can effortlessly operate with just one hand. Align and level shots with the precision Level Grid. Halide packs blazing fast Portrait mode with no waiting, as well as robust depth tools like Depth Peaking, a Depth Map view and more.

It was designed from the ground up for the i Phone X and its unique edge-to-edge screen. Halide offers fast and smart focus peaking, like professional movie and still cameras. For exposure, use new mini-histogram or tap to use a full histogram. When you've shot your photo, view your photo in Augmented Reality.

i Cam is the mobile application for i OS (i Phone, i Pod touch, and i Pad) and Android devices that allows you to remotely monitor live video and audio feeds from up to 12 (i Phone / i Pod touch / Android) or 16 (i Pad) computer webcams at the same time.

The i Cam Source is the free computer application that streams your webcam video and audio to i Cam.

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