What episode do joey and rachel start dating

For starters, Ross Gellar is really a pretty terrible human being.

Not only does he argue against the plausibility of a real-life Jurassic Park, he’s also that one friend we all have: the guy who is always engaged, again. They also have a child together, and that should definitely be taken into consideration. If he wasn’t the prime example of fatherhood material, and someone who could step into the role of adoptive father, then who is?

” Nevertheless, he derived satisfaction from others’ happiness; he strove to make people around him happy. ” behind subterfuge and hidden agendas, like, say, someone named Ross Gellar did.

He didn’t get married every few months just because. Sure, Ross sometimes worked his magic, but he was still Ross.

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Others move the plot forward, like a birthday gift Chandler buys for Joey's girlfriend because he has feelings for her. They all, however, show us something deeper about Phoebe, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, and Monica.

Now, we could argue it’s because he’s trying to move past his infatuation with Rachel, but c’mon. No, that guy is always on the next mission, thinking about himself, being ridiculous about dinosaurs, and maybe being a little too liberal with his definition of “a break.” There’s also the constant paranoia and self-absorption, as @kaneandgriffin points out. Throughout the show, Joey is always focused on others.

Often, he was focused on where he could fit in with them, a fact evinced every time he uttered “How you doin’? He likely believes in the possibility of a real-life Jurassic Park He was also an unrepentant rogue, one who didn’t try to disguise his “How you doins’?

Adding to that, when Phoebe's apartment was renovated after the fire, it was converted into a one bedroom apartment and Phoebe was unwilling to share it with Rachael .

Rachael was already having a blast with Joey so she didn't protest !

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