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That lack of government service could be a burden at a time when voters tell pollsters that experience is a key factor in choosing Mr. “I don’t think people see the connection,” he said.

Cox with conservative voters in the primary while signaling how he would go after him in the fall. Cox, a Chicago business executive, is a recent arrival to California who has not been elected to major political office. Newsom, 39 at the time, apologized swiftly and said he would seek treatment for alcohol abuse. C., according to several people familiar with White House deliberations at the time. Villaraigosa was photographed around this time at a party in Mexico with the actor Charlie Sheen, stirring concerns in the White House that his lack of personal discipline could embarrass the administration. He said he did not think the affair hurt him politically.

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In 2004, Harper’s Bazaar called him and his wife at the time, the Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, “the new Kennedys,” photographing the couple in expensive designer clothes at the home of Mr. Around the same time in 2006, city gossip and political columns said he was dating Brittanie Mountz, who was around 19 at the time; he was roughly 20 years her senior. Newsom, in an interview this week, denied they were dating. ’” said Rick Jacobs, a senior political adviser to Eric M. “I’m not sure most voters have focused very far beyond that, which presents challenges for all of the candidates.”Adam Nagourney reported from Los Angeles, Sydney Ember from San Francisco and Alexander Burns from New York.“He (Villaraigosa) has to know there are consequences for the woman he’s dating,” said Rick Marks, a CSUN journalism professor and a former Channel 4 news producer.“I think there’s just a real lack of judgment here.” Marks noted that it will be hard for KTLA Channel 5 to remove Parker from coverage of news involving the mayor, because that’s “everything — it’s education, it’s the police department, it’s the budget …” But from other corners, word of the Villaraigosa-Parker romance inspired only shrugs.A.) media to talk about him and his public and private lives,” Hilton told the Daily News in an e-mail. with the budget deficit and (the challenge of) maintaining city services,” Banks said.Jill Banks Barad, a political consultant and president of the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council, said she doubts the latest round of personal intrigue will have any political effect on the charismatic mayor and potential gubernatorial candidate. “However, he has a life also, and he’s human, and he’s a single man.

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