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The monumental 9-volume/7-LP set, due October 30th on Sub Pop Records, is much more than a comedy album, and much less than the 100 CD-album that Mirman originally conceived for the project 10 years ago.

In addition to Mirman’s brilliant stand-up performance at Seattle’s Columbia City Theater in June 2014, the collection includes more than 500 tracks featuring: a guided meditation for various body parts; an erotic new age “Fuckscape” for sexing to; a comprehensive sound effects library, voiced by Mirman, including everything from “rain” to “zoo with nothing to lose”; an aural pharmacy of “digital drugs” from marijuana to apple cider vinegar; over 45 real minutes of real crying; an introduction to possibly useful Russian phrases; ringtones and outgoing voicemail messages for your personal use; and 195 consecutive orgasms.

“If you make a mix you should throw in 10 orgasms or sound effects, and I think you’d be surprised how fun that would be,” says Mirman.

“I think it’ll be a spice that people add throughout their lives.” To quote one of many discarded titles for the album, please enjoy this dumb, weird thing.

It includes a vast array of sounds that can be described as varyingly poignant, erotic, practical, romantic, mind-altering, educational, and humorous. center you with “A Guided Meditation for the Thoughtful Body,” teach you conversational Russian, and soundtrack your next intimate getaway with “Fuckscape.” Or just listen to him crying for 45 minutes.

” LP 2A - A Guided Meditation For The Thoughtful Body A calming meditation to cheer and sooth the cluttered mind, the injured heart and the anxious body LP 2B - Fuckscape An erotic soundscape for lovebirds and adventurous friends LP 3 - Eugene’s Comprehensive Sound Effects Library Tremendous, mouth-made sound effects for amateur and professional foley artists alike LP 4 - Digital Drugs A binaural acoustic pharmacy for the carefree or ill LP 5 - Over 45 Minutes of Crying A full-hearted 45-minute cry-a-thon LP 6A - Introduction To Spoken Russian The language of Pushkin as taught by someone who left Russia at the age of 4 LP 6B - Ringtones & Outgoing Voicemail Messages For Your Personal Use Turn every phone call you miss or receive into athousand-million smiles LP7 - 195 Orgasms Sorry.

“Basically, in today’s music industry, it makes sense to have it be a chair but not a CD.” The first LP, the stand-up album itself, features Mirman’s signature sharp, absurd commentary including “The Time I Was Mugged In Mexico With Michael Stipe” and “Not Happy About A Parking Ticket I Got In Portsmouth, NH,” destined to become a classic for repeated listening.

As for what to do with the rest of it, the possibilities are infinite.

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“What began as an inquiry, turned into a long, amazing collaboration,” says Mirman.So we would put on events that had fun ancillary things, and from that grew the festival.We just thought it would be funny—the idea of a comedy festival built around me—and we ended up initially doing it the year we joked about it.More recently, however, there’s Eugene’s mammoth seven-LP audio smorgasbord, “Even in the very beginning, my stand-up was not very traditional.In maybe ’92, I had this bit that involved writing a letter to MCI.

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