Who is justin bobby dating

Much has been spoken in recent months regarding the alleged Lauren Conrad/Jason Whaler video tape; if it even exists; who leaked the idea of it; how the idea of it ended Conrad's friendship with former BBF Heidi Montag; and how the idea of it will shape Season 3 of Conrad's MTV "reality" show, The Hills.

But for me this season, the most fascinating aspect of the Hills as got to be the enigma that is Justin Bobby.

Anyway, Justin Bobby doesn't strike me as particularly cute or hot.

But he's a character on The Hills, which is all about promoting glitz and glamour, so perhaps I'm just not plugged into what is considered cute and hot anymore. He meets Audrina for dinner, and claims to not understand the menu.

You hear these wonky sounds and heavy guitar riffs—it's like alternative punk-rock, but simple and catchy," he told E! "I grew up on Bruce Springsteen, The Offspring, Nirvana and Billy Joel—this old school/new school mixed in one. I want a wife that's able to put up with my punk-ass ways at times." In the meantime, he's open to a reunion with his former California posse including Audrina who he still has nothing but kind things to say about.

I think you hear a bit of life coming through basically."While he was popping in and out of the MTV drama, behind the scenes, Bobby was finding his melodies. "They really wanted a bad boy that they could maybe I think eliminate off the show at some point but they weren't going to get that from me because if you look at Audrina, she probably had the sweetest heart amongst the girls to be honest with you," he explained about the Prey Swim swimsuit designer.

First Kristin emerged, looking tan and fit with her blond hair slicked back into a ponytail.

Then came Justin, sporting a James Dean-esque look complete with a black pea coat, cowl-neck sweater and permanent pout. I'm working with a band I've been with for seven or eight years. After about five minutes, he said he had to cut things short because he had to go on stage.

After only one season as the star of "The Hills," Kristin Cavallari has retired her wild antics and reined in resident bad boy Justin Bobby.

For those uninitiated into the spectacular train wreck that is the Hills, allow me to explain.

Justin Bobby is a former paramour of one of the show's leading women.

Is Justin Bobby too stupid to understand a restaurant menu, or is he carefully cultivating an image of casual cool defined by the fact that he is way above reading menus and simply cannot be bothered? It is therefore with pleasure that I announce my intention to embark on a several month-long research initiative to probe and explore the endless depths that is Justin Bobby. I just received a spam email with the subject line, They Dived Head-downwards off of it, howling frantically. In the comments section, tell me what your take on Justin Bobby is.

I vow to watch every episode of the Hills and analyze every sentence uttered by this young man until I can fully answer and explain all of which I have just presented to you.

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