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Dreamt up by a group of men in a pub in 1957, the Rose of Tralee started life as a revival of the Carnival Queen - a cunning plan to attract tourists to the town of Tralee, in County Kerry.

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“It’s all still very much a whirlwind.” To its critics, the Rose of Tralee is nothing more than a show of pretty, giddy girls in dresses, sashes and strings of pearls, memorably parodied in Father Ted as the ‘Lovely Girls’ competition."But critique is not bad, it just makes you a better person.“This is how much of a boring story it is,” she says laughingly recounting the moment she knew she was gay.This week, Maria, 29, told that she has been in a relationship with Shauna "for several weeks".The couple jetted off to the north of Spain this month, to spend some quality time together.

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