Who is morgan beck dating

As in: he has thrown his Sölden cap to the floor, his head is in his hands, and he's visibly shaking.

It's August 2013, and Bode is in Salt Lake City's Liberty Park watching his wife, 26-year-old Morgan Beck Miller, lose in a tournament put on by the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP).

An incident in mid-December was typical: Bode, who has taken up golf, hooked a tee shot directly into Morgan's left eye—an injury that required more than 50 stitches and resulted in what may be permanent vision impairment.

That day, Morgan established herself as one of the all-time gamers by tweeting a picture of her swollen, bloodied mug and the message "I'm not feeling so hot.

#worstfeelingever." Bode's lament came in the wake of a pretty bad November.

That month, Bode and Morgan began a bitter custody battle for a baby boy Bode had conceived with an ex-girlfriend before he met Morgan—a now resolved dispute that brought him plenty of negative media attention ("Bode Miller's Baby Mama Sara Mc Kenna Claims: ' He Never Offered to Use a Condom' ").

"No, I didn't know that until June," says Bode. The lovebirds flew in from very different habitats.

Bode, famously, had a Huck Finn upbringing in the New Hampshire woods, with hippie parents who let their four children self-police, get dirty, get lost.

It doesn't help that the families of the winning players—who just beat Morgan and her partner, Kaitlin Nielsen, two games to none—are only a few feet away, whooping and clinking beer cans. Instead, he has to sit there, itchy in this moment of athletic impotence.By that time, Bode already had custody of a five-year-old girl he'd conceived with a different ex-girlfriend.Later, in January 2013, Morgan miscarried what would have been their first child.At the end of her match—which she won, a breakthrough moment for her fledgling AVP career—Bode watched her cry.In that outpouring of raw emotion, he says, he saw every-thing he wanted in a woman.

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