Who is oj simpson dating

Moreso, a poll taken in 2016 showed that 83% of white Americans and 57% of black Americans believe O.J was guilty of the murders but we know for sure that the Law takes precedence over people’s choices.OJ Simpson’s tale is one of the most popular stories in the United States, but one part of his tale that is mostly left unsaid is that of his children including Justin Ryan Simpson.The younger Simpson is a real-estate agent who has risen through the storms of the ill fate that befell his father and the loss of his mother, to become a success for himself. Justin Ryan Simpson is one of the three living children of O.

Arnelle grew up familiar with fame and wealth, as she was born during the time her father had become one of the top professional American Football players of his era.

He currently works with Coldwell Banker Homes as a realtor and he specializes in listing, short sale, and being an intermediary between buyers and sellers of homes.

Justin Ryan Simpson currently lives in St Petersburg alongside his sister and half-sister- Sydney and Arnelle where they are busy expanding their trades in real estate management.

The trio once established a company Justin Communications which is currently not active, they have also maintained a low profile, keeping away from the media.

Arnelle Simpson was born on 4 December 1968, in the United States of America, and is best known for being the eldest daughter of OJ Simpson and his first wife Marguerite Whitley.

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