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Brooke engulfs poisonous berries on the island after they have gone two to three days without food and gives some to Thomas.It caused them to dream weird and imagine themselves in an odd dream world. Both Thomas and Brooke wonder what happened on the Island, as they experienced weird feelings after eating the berries (they possibly considered that they had sex).However once she saw him being seduced by Brooke Logan once again she nearly lost the baby due to stress.So that Ridge could be happy with Brooke, Taylor told everyone (and Brooke was in on this lie as well) that Thorne Forrester, Ridge's brother, was the father.Fodé departed the role in September 2017; he returned for a one-month guest stint from March to April 2018.In February 2019, it was announced that Matthew Atkinson had been cast in the role; he debuted on March 15, 2019.After Taylor's death, Brooke took over as parent for the children and married Ridge.Thomas and Brooke end up in a plane crash when they go to promote the Taboo line oversees. The whole family are stressing out, and go on an antagonizing search across the seas for them.

There's something very comforting now about being back in the same building." The character is described "As the extremely attractive and charming heir of Forrester Creations" and "this wide-eyed prodigy is a visionary and famed designer in the making, fully aware that the eyes of the fashion world, as well as every single girl in town, are fixated on his every move". Taylor Hayes, Thomas' mother, discovered the pregnancy, she attempted to tell Ridge Forrester (his father) in a joyous mood.

He has two twin sisters, Phoebe (Mac Kenzie Mauzy) and Steffy (Jacqueline Mac Innes Wood) and a half-brother, R. Forrester (Anthony Turpel) from his father's marriage to Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang).

Between 19, the character of Thomas was played by various child actors.

Created and introduced by Bradley Bell, the role has been portrayed by multiple child actors.

In 2004, the role was rapidly aged with actor Drew Tyler Bell, who remained in the role until 2010.

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